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Wiper Blades

At Oil Changers we inspect and advise on the condition of your Wiper Blades with our Full Service Oil Change. We check your wiper blades for torn sections or if your Wiper Blades appear to be laying flat and not making good contact with the windshield. However many times the first signs of failure are noticed when using them.

Can you see clearly during rain or when removing moisture from the windshield? If not let our staff know and they can apply washer fluid to your window and test your current wiper blades.

Wiper Blade Replacement:

At Oil Changers we offer a replacement of the Wiper Blades at your request. We can do it at the time of the oil change or anytime you feel your visibility may becoming compromised. We carry most of the replacement Wiper Blades for todays cars and many of the smaller Wiper Blades for rear windows or hatches.