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Tire pressure

At Oil Changers we check the Tire Pressure with our Full Service Oil Change when accessible and available. We will adjust the tire pressure to the manufacturers recommendations indicated on the tire pressure placard similar to the one shown above. The placard is usually mounted on the driver side door. All vehicles are different and the vehicle manufacturer has determined the best pressure based on the size & rating of the tire along with weight of the vehicle. The manufacturer’s recommendation provides the optimal balance of fuel mileage, ride, traction, safety and tire wear as originally intended by the vehicle manufacturer.

If you have altered the design of the vehicle or tire size intended for your vehicle please let us know. The shop that performed the changes to your vehicle should have informed you that the tire pressure recommendations have changed.

We also offer Free Tire Pressure checks with our Top-Off Policy or at anytime for our customers’ vehicles. Not all tires may be accessible because of hub caps, dually extensions, TPMS corrosion and other issues. Let us know if you have noticed any illuminated dashboard lights similar to the one below as it can be an indication that one or more of your tires are low.