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Power Steering Fluid

At Oil Changers we inspect and top-off the Power Steering fluid with our Full Service Oil Change when accessible and available. Most vehicles on the road today have a Hydraulic Power steering System that assists the driver in turning the wheels during normal operations. This makes it much easier to change the potential direction of the vehicle when stopped or under low speed situations. Have you ever tried to turn the steering wheel on a vehicle that isn’t running? The Power Steering System when working properly makes turning easy while still providing the proper amount of road feel for the driver.

The fluid level inside of a Power Steering System should be checked as part of most manufacturers’ recommended inspection schedules. The fluid should be topped off with an approved fluid if not inside the operating range.

Fluid Exchange:

At Oil Changers we offer a Fluid Exchange of the Power Steering fluid to help prolong the life of seals and other key components. Like other fluids in your vehicle, the Power Steering fluid breaks down because of temperature, usage & time resulting in a fluid that isn’t performing to the designed specifications.