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Head and Tail Lights check

At Oil Changers we do a safety inspection of your vehicle’s operating lights with our Full Service Oil Change. Light bulbs can go out at any time and when one goes out, it can not only limit your visibility of the road but also limit drivers’ visibility of your vehicle.

If you are inside of your vehicle during this process, we will generally ask you to assist us with the inspection. After starting the vehicle, we simply will ask you to turn on your headlights, which gives us a clear look at all running lights and head light operations. We will then ask you to turn on your turn signals, in order to check the operating condition of both signals in the front and rear. Next we will ask you to step your foot on the brake and put the vehicle into reverse for a moment, allowing us to check the condition of all brake lights and any back up lights.

In about 30 seconds we have safety inspected your operating lights and can inform you of any that may not be working properly.