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Gear Box

At Oil Changers we visually inspect Gear Boxes and can check the fluid level at your request with our Full Service Oil Change when accessible and available. We consider Gear Boxes to be any differential, transfer case, manual transmission or other fluid drive unit that shifts, redirects or splits the power that comes from the engine prior to reaching the tires and doesn’t have an under- the-hood available dipstick.

The type and amount of different Gear Boxes on your vehicle can vary based on the drive train of the vehicle. The drive train is different if you have a 2 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive with a Horizontal, Vertical or Mid Engine design. Click on this simplified illustration to see some of the more common design setups.

Fluid Exchange:

At Oil Changers we offer a Fluid Exchange on all of the Gear Boxes mentioned above, when the system is accessible and fluid is available at our location. Changing the Gear Box Fluid helps keep moving parts well lubricated, guards against bearing and gear failure, prevents abnormal wear on gears and keeps gear boxes from overheating. Changing this fluid according to your manufacture recommendations/requirements will help extend the life of your Gear Box. Just like other fluids in your vehicle, Gear Box Fluid breaks down due extreme temperature, usage and time resulting in a fluid that isn’t performing to the specifications as designed.