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Cabin Air Filter

At Oil Changers we inspect and advise on the condition of the Cabin Air Filter with our Full Service Oil Change when the filter is easily accessible and available. The Cabin Filter is designed to cleanse the air before it enters the inside of the vehicle. A vehicle not equipped with a Cabin Air Filter can circulate dust, pollen and bacteria around the vehicle interior as the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) works. It has been said that these filters can trap almost all of the airborne contaminants and help clean the air that you and your passengers breathe.

Many people are unaware that these filters exist, and thus don’t know when to change them. Failure to replace the filter as scheduled can create additional stress on the HVAC system potentially shorting its life. Not all Cabin Air Filters are easily accessible and therefore these filter are not checked as part of the oil change process. If you have a more specialized style that would take more than 2-3 minutes to remove, please let us know and we can take the additional time at your request, when access and design allow.

Filter Replacement:

At Oil Changers we offer a replacement of the Cabin Air Filter to help keep your HVAC system working as designed. Cabin Air Filter recommendations are generally set by your vehicle manufacturer to maintain the warranty of the HVAC parts. Make sure to have your Cabin Air Filter inspected and replaced per the manufacturers recommendations/requirements.