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Automatic Transmission

At Oil Changers we inspect and top-off the Automatic Transmission Fluid with our Full Service Oil Change when accessible and available. We check accessible Automatic Transmission Dipsticks located under the hood compartment as part of our service. We are unable to check the fluid level on some specialty type transmissions due to accessibility or design. Instead, we visually inspect these units for signs of leaks. The Automatic Transmission’s basic job is to receive the power from the motor, regulate the output based on the vehicle’s needs and automatically change gear ratios based on the RPM & speed of the vehicle. This will help distribute power resulting in a safe and controllable way to travel.

The fluid level inside of a Automatic Transmission should be checked as part of most manufacturers’ recommended inspection schedules. The fluid should be topped off with the approved fluid if not inside the operating range. This fluid also is generally required for scheduled replacement and you should change this fluid regularly based on the recommendations/ requirements of your vehicle manufacturer.

Fluid Exchange:

At Oil Changers we offer a Fluid Exchange of the Automatic Transmission Fluid either by way of Machine Service or by Drain & Evac. Automatic Transmission Fluid helps keep moving parts well lubricated, transmits torque through the fluid coupling or torque converter, provides pressure to operate hydraulic control valves inside the transmission, assists in the cooling of the automatic transmission and much more. Like other fluids in your vehicle, the Automatic Transmission Fluid breaks down from extreme temperature, usage and time resulting in a fluid that isn’t performing to the designed specifications.