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Air Filter

At Oil Changers we inspect and advise on the condition of the Air Filter with our Full Service Oil Change when accessible and available. The function of the air filter is to clean large quantities of air passes into the fuel injection system. Approximately 15,000 gallons of air pass through an air filter for every gallon of fuel used. Even the tiniest amount of dust or dirt can work its into the engine, where over time it will cause damage.

A good air filter effectively remove these tiny dirt particles, retaining all of the dust and dirt it filters from the air and allowing air to flow freely enough through the filter to provide an adequate supply to the engine’s intake system for its combustion needs.

A dirty damaged air filter restricts the intake airflow, negatively affecting engine performance and life. A clean air filter keeps gas mileage and horsepower at their option levels.

Filter Replacement:

At Oil Changers we offer a replacement of the Air Filter to help keep your vehicle performing as designed. Air Filter recommendations can vary greatly based on the vehicle and the driving conditions. We make our recommendations based on the visual inspection of the air filter along with your current mileage. If you have noticed a gradual drop in fuel mileage it could be an indication that the air filter should be inspected and possibility replaced.