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Diesel services

Diesel Services

At Oil Changers we are able to perform the Full Service Oil Change on most diesel engines. With more cars & light duty vehicles moving to diesel engines we carry a majority of oils and filters needed to perform these services. We also can perform some of the Medium Duty and Heavy duty diesel applications at select locations. There are several other Diesel Services that we provide out side of the oil change listed below:

Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement

The Fuel Filter on diesel engines must be replaced on a regular basis based on the recommendations/requirements of your vehicle manufacturer. Having this filter replaced at the scheduled interval is a important part of preventive maintenance on these engines and helps to avoid potential fuel system issues down the road. Not all of our locations carry Diesel Fuel Filters and we only carry in stock select applications based on our customers needs. Please call us if you are thinking about having your Diesel Fuel Filter replaced so we can best serve you.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Some diesel vehicles incorporate the use of a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or AdBlue in Europe. This fluid assist in emission requirements and not having enough of this fluid can put your vehicle into a “limp” mode until it is filled. Not all of our locations carry DEF and we only carry in stock a limited quantity based on our customers needs. Please call us if you need your DEF topped off or if will become a regular need as part of our Full Service Oil Change.