Our Full Service Oil Change includes lubrication of the chassis when available.

An automotive vehicle chassis includes the undercarriage parts of the vehicle that carry the weight of the vehicle. There are several key joints and connections between the vehicle chassis and body that require lubrication to help the vehicle flex with road bumps and provide protection for components necessary for turning. It is important to keep components such as universal joints, tie rod ends, and ball joints lubricated to prevent serious repairs.

We use a North American Lubricants heavy-duty lithium grease applied internally that lubricates moving chassis parts to minimize wear and protect joints against moisture contamination. Grease fittings (zerk fittings) are one-way fittings that allow a service technician to apply lithium grease to flexible joints using a grease gun. Puratech Hi-Temp Grease is an extreme pressure (EP) grease formulated with a lithium complex thickener and rust and oxidation inhibitors.  It provides optimum lubricating performance at high temperatures and has a dropping point that exceeds 500° F.  Puratech Hi-Temp Grease provides added protection against grease separation, bleeding, hardening and water wash-out.

Not all vehicles require the chassis to be lubricated. Many vehicles now come equipped with sealed joints and fittings that do not require lubrication. However, these joints should still be inspected to make sure they are in proper working order.

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