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Fuel System Service “Temporarily not Available”

“Temporarily not Available”

At Oil Changers we offer a Fuel System Service for our customers who are looking to restore fuel economy & performance to their vehicle. Performing our Fuel System Service helps remove harmful carbon deposits from the fuel system, intake manifold and combustion chamber.

Overtime, carbon, gum & varnish deposits build deep within your engine, affecting gas mileage and robbing your vehicle of the performance that it deserves. Our Fuel System Service provides a total fuel system cleaning that will improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase performance.

Stage 1:

The Fuel System Cleaner gas additive removes carbon deposits from fuel injectors. It corrects the injector spray and balances fuel/air ratio, ultimately helping to restore gas mileage and improving engine performance.

Modern vehicles, like those with gasoline fuel injection, are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to deposits that build up in fuel injectors, intake valves and ports. These deposits can cause problems such as hesitation, misfire, stumble and rough idle, poor gas mileage and performance loss.

Stage 2:

The Intake System Cleaner vacuum induction restores fuel economy by cleaning the intake manifold, combustion chamber and pistons with immediate results.

Heavy deposits build up over time due to noxious exhaust gases and crankcase vapors captured and fed back into the intake manifold. Gummy substances contained in the vapors combine with dirt and form deposits. Drivability problems such as rough idle, poor performance and increased exhaust emissions result from heavy deposit buildup.

If you have noticed a loss in performance or gas mileage the Fuel System Service may be a good option for your vehicle.