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Fleet Services

Local Fleet Accounts

Where Trust Begins and Relationships are Established!!!

If your company has a fleet of more than 5 vehicles we have the right Fleet Service program for you. Some of the benefits of setting your vehicles on to a Oil Changers house account:

  • Reduce Down Time & Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Convenient Locations in Multiple Markets
  • Sign, Save & Drive Account
  • Services Based on Manufacturer’s Recommendations
  • Monthly Billing
  • Emailed Invoice Capability
  • Increase Fleet Resale Value
  • Maintain Factory Warranty & Prolong the Life of Your Fleet
  • Shared vehicle maintenance history simplifies record keeping

Fill out the below information if you would like to be contacted about setting your company on a discount account with a direct bill option:


You can also call our Fleet Department at 1-800-640-2405 or email us at info@oilchangerinc.com